The 3rd Human & Translational Immunology Conference will take place in October 23rd – October 28th, 2023 on the island of Rhodes, Greece. The conference will take place at the Elysium Resort & Spa. The scientific objective of this international conference is to discuss current developments in human and translational immunology with a specific goal of maximizing scientific exchange.

Scientific Objective: The rapid development of technologies to query the human immune system at unprecedented depth has brought the field to the threshold of an unprecedented level of understanding of health and disease. Although we have gained valuable and fundamental insights in immunology from studying animals models, species-specific differences and experimental limitations have hindered the translation of many discoveries from mice to the clinic. Studying the human immune system can bridge the so-called gaps between clinical trials and discovery-based science, between human immunology and mouse immunology, and between translational and basic science.

The conference aims to bring together leaders in the field of human immunology with the goal of promoting the understanding of immune-mediated disease and immune defense and to foster exchange on how such knowledge can be translated to the clinic.

The conference covers topics such as the pathogenesis of immune-mediated diseases, the failure of immunity in chronic infections and cancer, vaccine development, the interplay between microbiome and immunity, systems biology approaches to human immunology. The conference focuses on the human immune system in the healthy state and its perturbation or failure in disease. Animal studies directly examining the translational potential of immunological discoveries are also included in the program.

Scientific Exchange: The purpose of this international conference is to bring together scientists from all over the world to discuss their latest findings on the various aspects of human and translational immunology. Attendees are accommodated in one venue that maximizes interactions during and after sessions. Session will be chaired by invited speakers who are leaders in their respective fields. Sessions include talks by invited speakers (25min), short oral presentations (10min) selected from submitted abstracts and posters. The conference has limited participation and a scientific and social program that will maximize scientific interchange through lecture presentations, poster sessions and informal discussions.